Monday, January 13, 2014

My Indonesian Love Affair

Ladies and gentlemen, the rumors are true. I have fallen in love here in Indonesia. Let me tell you a little about this boy that has completely turned my world around. He visits me in my happiest of dreams. My knees become weak as my nose catches a whiff of his sweet scent. I crave him at every hour of everyday. I love the way he brings warmth to my lips. And on my worst of days, he always reminds me just how beautiful life is. My heart is perfect because he is in it. When the angels ask me what I loved most about life, I'll say him. He is, and always has been my dream. His name is permanently written on my heart, and I will stand in front of every human on this earth and proudly declare, "I love him!" His name is Indomie. And I'm deeply in love.

I'm sorry if I spoiled the fun for those of you who thought this was actually going to be about my love life but... Indomie deserves the hype. For you Americans and foreigners that aren't sure what Indomie is, let me tell you. Indomie is in short, a brand of instant noodles that are manufactured here in the motherland. Have you ever had Cup Noodles or the Ramen instant noodles brand? Well, everything those noodles are doing is wrong. Indomie is on another level. The noodles come in over 50 different varieties, all catering to the Indonesian palette. From Mie Goreng Rendang to Rasa Baso Special, and the most popular, the classic Mie Goreng Special, there's an Indomie for everyone! 

Indonesia is comprised of over 17,000 islands. Every one of these islands has a different culture, language, foods, customs, etiquette, and attire but despite all of these differences, there is one noodle brand that can unify the entire country. And that noodle brand is Indomie. Food stall workers, doctors, car washers, beggars, the Sultan, and even President SBY himself, all unite and relish in the delicacy that is Indomie. And it doesn't stop there. Indomie is taking the world by storm, and it can now be found in many countries outside of Indonesia. I have yet to see any in America but I've heard it's there if you look. And the best part? Here in Indo, you can pick up a package for about $.10. If you have a dime to spare, I would recommend dropping whatever it is you're doing right now, hopping in your car, driving to the nearest supermarket, and investing in a few packages of the deliciousness. When you come to the realization that Indomie is all you have ever wanted in your life, you can thank me later. Go forth my friends, and conquer that bowl of fried, instant, noodle goodness.


  1. Yesss, indomie, the love of my life! Glad you could appreciate its beauty and join in the hype. I also love your blog, it's really nice to read about Indonesia in a different light and learn to love it all over again. Also your adventure makes me think of joining an exchange program. Can I link your blog in my upcoming post (Probably would be about my dream of traveling the world or something like that)? I wish you the best for the rest of your adventure! :)

    1. Girl, you HAVE to do an exchange. And if not an exchange, an adventure- big or small. See as much of the world that you can! And you can TOTALLY link my blog. Go forth, my friend.