Saturday, December 7, 2013

100 Days and Counting

Last week, I reached the 100 day mark of being in Indonesia. Wait, what? There are so many great stories I could share, but here are the highlights from the past few weeks. And I promise I haven't been slacking on vlogging, either. They just take a million years to upload here!
Visited Mount Bromo with my family! (Active Volcano)

Took my first train ride EVER (It was 12 hours long)

Reunited with this gem in Surabaya

Watched my dad play soccer in this huge stadium

Got to witness this beauty

Got lost in sand for a few hours

Watched how traditional batik is made

Reunited with these two in Jakarta

Took a visit to the beautiful Lembang Floating Market

The Lembang Floating Market has all kids of good foods and goodies for sale

Taught Abi how to kayak

Visited another volcano!

Celebrated my favorite boy's birthday

And celebrated Thanksgiving by eating cookies and seeing my best friends!

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