Monday, October 28, 2013

Current Events

I've been in a bit of a blogging rut. I have so many things I could write about, so many new experiences, and so many new thoughts and feelings that are unlike anything else I've ever experienced back home in the states. So because I'm indecisive, here's a list of the cool things I've been up to since the last post! Enjoy.

1. Went on a camping adventure with my high school! We were high up in Bandung's mountains, and it was beautiful! It was great to be out of the city for a while.

2. Went to ITB graduation with my fellow exchange students. College graduations here are big deals! The entire family comes, and there are performances by each college major. Picture a giant talent show that lasts the whole day.

3. Went exploring with Sarah, Ben, and Agung! Found this beautiful, little hideaway.

4. Sarah came to town and lived with me for a few days! We had plenty of adventures. Some of which included Sarah getting hit in the head with a soccer ball in gym class and having to leave school early, going shopping at PVJ, navigating angkot and ojek by ourselves, going to the International supermarket, and eating plenty of Indomie.

5. Went to the cutest batik shop I have ever seen. Batik is a traditional fabric made in Indonesia. It can be found in just about any color and pattern, and is made into all kinds of clothing. I found two lovely chiffon batik scarves, and I plan on buying quite a few more before the end of this year.

6. Had a photo-shoot... Well, we tried. Then it started to rain. Scratch that. It started to pour. Indonesia's rainy season has officially arrived. Odds are, it will downpour on a daily basis.

7. Brought American Homecoming to Indonesia! I had a few friends come over, took pictures, and went dinner. I obviously was Homecoming Queen.

8. Successfully navigated Indonesia's public transportation by myself AND didn't get ripped off.

9. Got to wear traditional kabaya for my angklung club and vocal group performances!

10. Took my first visit to an Indonesian hospital for a fun-filled 24 hours of food poisoning. Well, I was actually only at the hospital for about two hours where they gave me some medicine and such. Don't worry, y'all. I survived. And I'm now starting to feel a bit better.

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