Thursday, September 5, 2013

I started school!

Ladies and gentlemen, this girl started school. On Monday morning, I woke up at the crack of dawn, got dressed in my shiny, new, not-too-revealing school uniform, ate a quick breakfast, and was rushed out the door to school with my host mom and liaison, Priyanka.

My family and I on my first day!
We headed to the school that would in a few days, quickly steal my heart. The second I stepped foot through the towering, steel gates I was greeted by a mix of puzzled expressions and enthusiastic, "Hellos!" After a quick meeting with the school headmaster, I was escorted up to my new classroom. The second I entered the class went crazy. Now, I say crazy but, really that's an understatement. Picture what your reaction would be if you won the lottery. Twice. Now multiply that by thirty loud, enthusiastic, Indonesian teenagers and that's sort of how that went. The class was shouting things like, "beautiful" and "Selena Gomez is here." Just to name a few. After a few introductions, I got the honor of a seat right in the front of the class. My first day of school was one big hot mess. Let's be honest. Between not knowing what anyone was saying and having everyone want to touch my hair and having people ask me,"Do you know Justin Bieber?" and taking millions of photos and sweating like a dog in that dang uniform, I was grateful when the last bell rang.

Keep smiling! It's an Indonesian thing. 

Tough guys.
However, the next day went much smoother. The day was filled with singing songs and playing guitar. For whatever reason, all Indonesians have been blessed with a musical gift. I was serenaded by the boys of the class multiple times and I really enjoyed it. Really, really enjoyed it.

Sandy teaching me guitar :)

I swear I'm usually good at history but...

While everyone still wanted to talk to me and take photos, it was okay. Everyone is so friendly, and so welcoming, and really wants to take strides to make sure I feel at home. My classmates are hilarious, my teachers are understanding, and everyone in the school is just great. SMA Kartika, congratulations. Because you've officially won this American girl's heart.

Until next time,

Nature Mal signing off (Reference for Charis Ramsing) :)

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