Sunday, April 14, 2013

IPSE 101

So for those of you who aren't aware, if chosen as a YES semifinalist, you get to attend the In Person Selection Event. This year, the IPSE was in D.C. for the first time! Here's my IPSE journey.

The day had finally arrived. My alarm woke me up at 3:45 AM to catch the redeye flight to Minneapolis at 6 AM. Even though I'm not typically a morning person, I was wide eyed and ready to go. The three weeks leading up to this day had gone by surprisingly fast. My dad took me to the lovely five gate airport of Bozeman and we parted ways. The flight from Bozeman to Minneapolis was uneventful. And I had but a quick layover in Minneapolis. Next thing I knew, I was on my flight to D.C. Looking back on my journal, it's strange to remember how nervous I was feeling in that moment before I touched down in D.C. "I am currently sitting on a plane in Minneapolis, awaiting takeoff to Washington, D.C. Within a few hours, my future for next year will begin to be determined. My plane is beginning to move. My heart is starting to beat fast, and my hands are shaking so much it's difficult to keep writing. Over the past few weeks, I've created online friendships with several other semis. They will all soon be more than just pictures on Facebook. They will be real. The IPSE is supposed to be like the Hunger Games. But in reality, I feel like we are all long lost siblings coming together for the first time. I have so much love for all these kids. I hope they all get their top choice country and get to go on an adventure of a lifetime. We are all in this together, and I can only hope for the best." I finally arrived in D.C. and felt so so so excited. I went and found a YES representative. I was the only one there but soon more people began showing up. The first familiar face I saw was Sarah Ketterhagen. We threw our arms around each other and people were curious as to how we already knew each other because there weren't a whole lot of us in the Facebook group. Catherine came next and gave me one of the 120 friendship bracelets she made for all the semis. After a few minutes of chatting and playing a few icebreakers our round of shuttles came and got us.

Our bus ride into D.C. was probably one of the coolest things of my life. We were all so happy to finally be together! We drove past a few monuments which was super cool for the small town girl that I am. After a short ride, we arrived at the conference center!

This picture just doesn't do this place justice. It was HUGE. And it was pretty easy to get lost in. Upon arrival, we all checked, were given our handbooks, nametags and room assignments. Let me tell ya, I was all about those name tags. I mean, just look at how professional they are!

Each room had four people (the room had bunk beds.) My roomies were Eleanor, Alanna, and Brianna. You could say they were pretty cool but, that would be an understatement. And the craziest part was, Eleanor was from Montana too! Who woulda thought? Anyways, after getting situated in my room, I found Charis!! 

You could say we were pretty stoked to see each other. After a few hours of wandering around the hotel, we had an introduction meeting. Another excerpt from my journal, "The super famous Allen Evans walked into the room along with all of the other evaluators and State Department members. It was intense. There were multiple speakers who told us how brave we were for having interest in the YES countries. These countries aren't easy, and YES isn't a big vacation. It's a job. It was an intense meeting that sparked fear, excitement, determination, and readiness all at once. It made me want YES SO MUCH MORE." After the meeting it was dinner time. Charis and I went... nuts. It was buffet style with an extensive dessert bar. We seriously had ice cream and cake and cookies at every meal. 

So yeah, the food was good. The rest of the evening consisted of more hanging out and adventuring with Charis. Curfew was at ten. By that time, I was exhausted. I was out like a lightbulb. The next day was quite busy for me. First, we had a workshop where we were put into small groups and we discussed our journey of being American.

After, we had group evaluations. I can't say much about it, but, it was really fun! Shout out to group J! We had a total of two group evals. Later that day, I also had my personal interview. You could say I was freaking out. Here's my interview outfit.

In between all of that stuff, we had a ton of down time. And I mean, a ton. But that was totally okay with me because I had no problem with hanging out with all of my new friends... AKA, Charis. Saturday night was difficult because we were all leaving the next day. But, we made the best of it. Some of us had a little dance party out on the patio. 

Sunday morning, we had our closing ceremony with everyone. Allen said, "Raise your hand if you've made a new friends this weekend." Charis and I looked at each other and shot our hands in the air, while our inside hands were clasped together. From there, we all had to grab our stuff and leave. It was rough. I had to try really hard to keep the tears in my eyes. I hated not knowing if I was ever going to see these amazing kids again. 

So that was it. I was headed home from my short lived, fantasy weekend in D.C. For those of you who are considering applying, get ready to create some of the greatest friendships. The IPSE was magical. 

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